Baba O'Riley single worldwide release August 20, 2019

I am truly excited for you all to hear this track, and to watch the stunning music video by Shandor Barcs and Luz Maria Cardenal on Youtube.


Thank you infinitely to my amazing team at Tea 4 2 Productions for making this happen!

Produced by Felipe Souza for Tea 4 2 Productions at Estudio 13, Mexico City; Executive Producer - Ricardo Jiménez ; Co-Produced by Rodrigo Flores and Elena Garnes

Recorded and mixed by Juan Pablo Gonzalez; Mastered by Roger Lian Mastering, NYC 

Violin: Daisy Jopling; Piano: Francisco Velasco; Keyboard: Jos Parker; Bass: Ernesto Moya; Drums: Levith Vega

Cover Design: Jason Scuderi at Lasergun Factory; Photo: Shandor Barcs